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What is Copenhagen Light Festival?

Visit for free – Central Copenhagen will host an outdoor lighting festival with a Danish take. The themes that you expect from Danish art and design is embedded in the events and art works of the festival: Minimalistic beauty, genuine high quality, design and art that shape light itself to human needs, sustainability, and enchanting interaction with architecture and spaces. 2018 will be our debut.




Guided canal light tours

2 – 25 February at 19.00: Join Stromma Danmark, Canal Tours’, live guided canal tours in English and Danish along the light route by the water front and get to learn more about the artists and their artworksStart place: The pier at Ved Stranden 16. If fully booked, there will be another boat at 20.00.

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Guided light walks

Every Friday at 19.00: Jesper Ravn, architect and lighting designer with a special interest for darkness, guides a walk along the light route in English / Danish.

Every Saturday at 19.00: Clarissa Concilio, lighting design student from fra AAU and assistent at Gottlieb og Paludan guides a walk along the light route in English / Italian.

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